Synergy Health Coaching

Bringing you proactive preventative medicine with the use of natural and holistic solutions

Health and wellness coaching is recognized as an integral component to creating and sustaining health. Synergy Health and Wellness practitioners are among the pioneers setting industry standards for this field.

Our Holistic Health Coaching services offer you a personalized mentor and wellness authority who will work closely with you to help you feel your best through skilled health assessments, knowledgeable personalized plans that address food and lifestyle changes and mind/body strategies.

Instead of prescribing one diet or one way of exercising, our Holistic Health Coaches will tailor individualized wellness programs to meet your needs. As a participant in our Holistic Health Coaching program, you will develop a skill set that will empower you to tap into your own inner source of motivation to restore and preserve your health and well-being.

When you undergo health and wellness coaching with Synergy Health and Wellness, you will learn from the best evidence-based practices in coaching and gain proficiency in the following essential life competencies:

  1. Clearly identify your personal health and wellness goals
  2. Building rapport to inspire positive change in your eating habits
  3. Development of a comprehensive exercise program
  4. Assessing your readiness to make changes in overall wellness
  5. Learn health maintenance activities that are appropriate for YOU
  6. Ability to measure YOUR own progress and achieve YOUR goals

Unique to our health and wellness coaching philosophy, is teaching our clients to be aware of the body’s innate wisdom and to regard symptoms and struggles as indicators of dis-ease.

Our distinctive Holistic Health Coaching features an integrative approach to nutrition, wellness, and healing. We focus on the care of the whole person, and a holistic approach that emphasizes prevention.

At a time when our nation is struggling with obesity and chronic illness, health and wellness coaching is an evidenced-based approach to restoring and maintaining health. Our goal is to provide you with the with the skills and expertise to empower yourself to take charge of your own health – and create sustainable change.