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Fact: Corporate wellness programs are proven to improve employee health and morale thus making employees more productive.
Fact: Wellness and Prevention Programs help to reduce healthcare costs (Source: Safeway Model)
Fact: Wellness programs improve employee engagement and retention and decrease absenteeism.
Providing corporate wellness solutions to such companies as: ADT and Campus Management.

The benefits of Corporate Wellness programs include an increase in productivity disease prevention, health insurance cost reduction and a marked improvement in employee morale.

Synergy Fitness Boca provides corporate exercise and fitness solutions. Your Goals Our Plans! We provide onsite professionals to run group classes, small group classes and personal training we can also provide an outside training facility for those employees who wish to utilize additional locations. We also provide team-building programs to strengthen employee relationship

Synergy Nutrition Boca has a full time on-staff registered dietician (RD). Nicole will provide lectures on diet, meal planning, calorie counting, supplements, diet strategy and disease prevention. This nutrition plan, when coupled with our fitness solutions and plans provides a strong foundation for optimal health and wellness.
Synergy Health and Wellness Boca provides onsite educational lecture series on those diseases that drive up health care costs. Professional registered nurse practitioners will educate your employee population on diabetes, hypertension, stress, metabolic syndrome and women’s health issues. Not only do we educate but we also provide work life balance solutions, prevention strategies and wellness achievement.

Life Style Programs

Synergy Health And Wellness
Bring together all aspects of nutrition, fitness, stress management, sleep management and disease prevention in this 60 Day Life Plan Program that will educate the participant in smart attainable steps on how to achieve optimal health and wellbeing. Participants are supervised over 60 Days in this structured program that will provide them with all the tools to succeed. Weekly lectures, biometrics, nutrition seminars and fitness programs are provided.